Curling your hair with tiny buns


Easy and beautiful curls would just be swell wouldn’t they? I would love to get amazing hair with little to no effort.  ENTER: this pin about tiny buns!

The intention:

no heat curls

My Attempt:

Hair was slightly damp and I put it into lots of buns.  Beautiful jammies and dorm room shot:1616378_10152215667395948_673334086_n


I woke up the next morning to this


And then disaster struck


Poodle was not the desired look.  I tried again the next evening with only two buns-one on either side of my head.

2014-02-22 11.48.14

Better but still not great. My hair hadn’t totally dried overnight.


The verdict? Give it a go! It’s very easy and usually gets me pretty good results for the amount of effort I put in.  Try it a few times with variations when you don’t have to be seen by other humans to find what works best for you.